‘ilove’ Collection

We can’t fly to our favourite places right now. So let’s travel together, virtually with the new ‘ilove’ collection. 

?is where the ❤️ is.

I am currently busy with the ‘ilove’ US state key fob designs.
I am seeing ?❤️?
Each of the ‘ilove’ collection designs include the .svg cutting file.

After many hours of love and care, I created your pick of 34 US states for the ‘ilove’ collection. Phew, I’m taking a little rest, but if you see your state missing and would like to request a key fob design, click here!

Thank you!
Hundreds of downloads and lovely comments let me know how much you’re enjoying the ‘ilove’ collection.

Sorry! Your map might not look 100% like you remember in geography class… I’m more of an a creative than cartographer. Artistic licence is used with every design, and each is meant to lovingly represent rather than realistically detail destinations. The designs are very small (4cm!) with no stops, which doesn’t allow for much detail. 

If you spot a genuine mistake on any map please feel free to email me with the corrections and I will be happy to fix it.