Why did I start digitising?

I’ve always been creative, although I would not call myself artistic at all. Both my kids are extremely artistic, so I don’t feel bad that I am not artistic, because both of them are.

Then I found digitising, and for the first time, I could be creative without the limitation of being artistic. And it is the best of both sides of my world, the creative and the technology side.

It didn’t take much. I played with some software, taking a photo of the front of our house, changing it into a sketch and used the auto digitise function (it is the photo on the left with the yellow thread). This was the back of the design, I could not believe the mess and decided there and then that I want to learn how to do this properly. So I spent hours digitising this design manually with very basic software. The result was the photo on the right with the blue/white thread. Auto digitising, under five minutes, digitising manually, hours! This was one of my first designs in 2017.

A few months back, I got Hatch and a new world has opened. I just LOVE digitising and creating design with as little trims as possible, designs that stitch out beautifully. I am still learning and love seeing the progression in each design.

I would 💗 to find out more about you and your embroidery.

Safari Christmas

I’ve been working on some sparkling Christmas decorations an now you stand a chance to win this design set 🧡

Let’s Go Wild This Winter! 

There’s only one thing I like as much a giving away free designs, and that’s seeing the amazing work you’ve put into them!  Show me your Freebie Friday creations and be in for a chance to win a fabulous set of my unique Christmas Safari design set.

You could be one of ten winners!  All you have to do is post a pictures of your Freebie Friday creations on my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/kreatief.uk), and/or tag me with your photos on Instagram (@kreatief.uk)

Enter as many times as you like for more chance to win.
One photo per design only.
Be sure to send your snaps by 30th November. 

* Terms and Conditions at https://kreatief.shop/ctc 

Fun felties

I’ve had so much fun with these food felties this week 🥰. 

Last week we’ve been chatting about childhood memories and what we miss from our childhood.

That made me think of ‘zoo cookies’, something I ate as a child. The thought of ‘zoo cookies’ brought back such happy memories.

I just had to recreate these as embroidery felties. I call them ‘safari biscuits’. 

A carrot to a collar

I’ve got a t-shirt with a bunny embroidered on the side. I wanted to add something to the top of the t-shirt and what’s better to add to a bunny, than a carrot.

Mask bag

I’ve started working on an idea for a zippy bag to store my clean masks in.

I am not sure I am completely happy with the design yet. I am still deciding on what to change.

Here are the stitch out videos for some of the BIG FIVE coasters

For more videos go to:

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